Open Letter to Centre of Leafs Nation!

Much like our beloved Maple Leafs, Centre of Leafs Nation itself has a lot to be excited about for the future after this season concluded.  When the blog started,  there were two key goals in mind that were going to be key to the success of the Centre of Leafs Nation.

The first goal was  to be different, there was an aversion to troll fans and followers of the blog with controversial topics and click baiting as has been seen in many other blogs. It was this very first goal that was the motivation to start the blog.  There were plenty of people on social media that had long grown tired and angry by what was being posted because so much that was being written was to drive clicks and advertising dollars and didn’t offer much of critical thinking or insight into what was happening around the team and its players and why. There was a desire to respect my readers and to not sell them short, and use the blog as a platform for discussion with my followers. By following this key aspiration, the blog would grow naturally, after the first season it is safe to say the risk of blazing our own path was rewarded by all the positive feedback and quick growth.

It was this encouragement and positive feedback of the blog, via twitter and Instagram that indicated we were on the right path, but none of this could have been achieved without you, the followers who have liked, re-tweeted and read the blogs all season.

This speaks to the second goal of the blog, Centre of Leafs Nation needed to have a community feel to it, the direction taken with some of the contests of opening the blog to guest contributions has been amazing and it helped to open this community up and give a voice to those passionate fans wanting to have their voices heard.

I would like to thank @_Rich_Money for his contributions to date and so excited to see what Rich has to share as he ramps up his contributions to Centre of Leafs Nation. How wonderful and exciting is it that Centre of Leafs Nation has paralleled along the same lines of our beloved Maple Leafs with the same excitement and hopes for the future. As most couldn’t have predicted the success of our team, I couldn’t have imagined the  success of the rookie year of Centre of Leafs Nation.

In closing, I want to thank you all for your support again! Without your efforts and support nothing would have been possible! I am grateful to you all, it has been pleasure communicating with you over the blog and twitter. I end this letter to you with one final thank you as I haven’t just gained followers but new friends who I can share my passion for the Maple Leafs with daily!  With that said I look forward to announcing later this week the latest winner of the fan contribution contest!

Thank you again, Go Leafs go!!