Thank You, Nazem Kadri!

The Nazem Kadri trade has been analyzed front, back and sideways so I won’t get into that in this blog. I want to take the time to thank a real soldier of Leafs Nation, who gave 10 years of his professional life and a soldier we watched grow from a testy teenager to one of the most valued veterans in recent years.

I want to start off by thanking you Nazem for having put up with Ron Wilson and Brian Burke in your crucial first years with the Maple Leafs. Your shuffling back and forth to the Marlies wasn’t fair and may have even come at the cost of your earlier development in your career.

Thank you for putting up with one hugely failed rebuild under Burke and thank you for seeing us through another. Your leadership and impact on the current crop of Maple Leafs will serve them well as they carry the team on their backs and carve out their path in their careers.

Thank you for being a proud Maple Leaf, even when so many in the seats wore paper bags and gave up on the team, you never did. You wore that Maple Leaf like no other in recent memory and you did it with such class.

Thank you for all the work you and your family do with the Nazem Kadri Foundation, your work and support of mental health initiatives will have a positive impact on so many lives that require the support.

Nazem, I am saddened that you are moving on to another team. But I am excited to see what you will do with a new found opportunity and being the second line centre that you have grown to be.

I would say be easy on us this upcoming season, but I wouldn’t expect anything less than competitive spirit that made us fans love you!

So from all of us at Centre Of Leafs Nation, we want to wish you an amazing rest of your career! Bring that hell only you can! You deserve it!

Thank you again!


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