My Most Memorable Maple Leafs Moment

With no hockey for weeks, I have started to think about my most memorable hockey memories which then led to watching some old clips of the Maple Leafs 1993 playoff run. At the time I would have been 14, and many of the victories and defeats during that playoff run have remained with me all... Continue Reading →

Maple Leafs: A Path Less Travelled

Last night's debacle in Pittsburgh brought out vitriol not seen in Toronto since the days of Brian Burke and wafflegate. As I had tweeted earlier today, so few were complaining when the Maple Leafs overachieved in their first three years and made the playoffs. This immediate success blinded many from the real work and possible... Continue Reading →

Podcast: Cooling Down The Hottest Takes In Leafs Nation

After many technical difficulties, we have our first podcast up for the season! Apologies it isn't the longest working with a platform provider to get the remaining kinks out so we can create more regular content/longer podcasts. Also check out our latest blog, if you haven't already!!

Toronto Maple Leafs: 2020 Trade Deadline Preview

With approximately 4 weeks from the NHL deadline, there have been already some rumours and the ever crazy hot takes going around the internet/social media. Some trades are downright terrible while others are more feasible given the Maple Leafs needs, cap space and assets to complete the transaction. Let’s start with the downright terrible rumours/hot... Continue Reading →

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