Mitch Marner’s Great European Vacation

If you have been following Centre of Leafs Nation on Twitter, it should have come as no surprise that Mitch Marner, Darren Farris and company played the “Europe Card” in this dragged out negotiation process. As I had predicted months ago for this card to have ultimate impact it had to come just before camp... Continue Reading →


Thank You, Nazem Kadri!

The Nazem Kadri trade has been analyzed front, back and sideways so I won't get into that in this blog. I want to take the time to thank a real soldier of Leafs Nation, who gave 10 years of his professional life and a soldier we watched grow from a testy teenager to one of... Continue Reading →

What to do with Mike Babcock

Lucas did an amazing job in his most recent blog offering his thoughts as to what went wrong in the playoff series against the Boston Bruins. He also correctly highlighted a lot of structural issues that haunted the Maple Leafs right from the regular season all the way through to the series loss to the... Continue Reading →

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