Interview with Brock McGillis

In this interview with Brock,  we looked back at his career, asked him his thoughts on what needs to change to make hockey more inclusive, his thoughts on the work Brian Burke is doing within hockey to make it more inclusive and finally, what advice he would give to those young players who are going... Continue Reading →

Fan MailBag Podcast: May 13th

Have a listen to our latest Fan MailBag Podcast!Thank you to all those who submitted questions to this week's Podcast!We tackle questions on if the Maple Leafs should try to acquire PK Subban, to who on the current roster we would trade if the cap wasn't in place to improve the team and so much... Continue Reading →

The Great Debate: Maple Leafs Dream Team

Back a couple of weeks ago I commenced collecting our follower's thoughts on a Maple Leafs Dream Team through a series of polls via twitter. The debate was fierce, with some names making the cut and others that didn't. Below is the roster selected via the polls: Foward Lines Clark-Gilmour-Vaive Mahovlich-Matthews-Conacher Hyman-Kadri-Tucker Roberts-"Red" Kelly-Thomas Defence... Continue Reading →

My Most Memorable Maple Leafs Moment

With no hockey for weeks, I have started to think about my most memorable hockey memories which then led to watching some old clips of the Maple Leafs 1993 playoff run. At the time I would have been 14, and many of the victories and defeats during that playoff run have remained with me all... Continue Reading →

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