Games 4 & 5: Maple Leafs vs. Boston Bruins Recap

The Maple Leafs have been a tale of two teams.  After game three, one would have though that the Maple Leafs would have come out flying after regaining some momentum going into game four. That simply wasn’t the case, Frederik Andersen uncharacteristically let in a bad goal 28 seconds into the game and the Maple... Continue Reading →

Leafs Nation: The Week That Was

Wow, what a week Leafs Nation! There was so much confusion in determining what was or wasn't a good goal across the NHL, Nazem Kadri broke out of his slump and the Maple Leafs won back to back games heading into the All-Star game break. Let’s get right to the two controversial calls made this... Continue Reading →

Shots Fired: Frederik Andersen

After another poor effort by his teammates after losing to the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday, Andersen had seen enough and made some interesting comments about his team’s effort in yet another tough loss. In the post game interview, Andersen stated “We’ve got to figure out who wants to commit to playing for the team” coming... Continue Reading →

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