Summer Crisis: Kyle Dubas

Leafs Nation went into summer panic mode after reporter Elliotte Friedman revealed the Colorado Avalanche requested and were permitted to speak with Assistant General Manager (asst. GM), Kyle Dubas, in regards to their open General Manager (GM) position. Coming off a historic season, including an exhilarating run in the playoffs, followed by the additions of Andreas... Continue Reading →


Manufactured Controversy

The Toronto sports media environment is very competitive and the competition for readership and advertising dollars is immense. Over the years we have grown to excuse and sometimes overlook what drives some of articles we read regarding the sports teams in the city. However in a culture of manufactured controversy, we have seen articles and... Continue Reading →

Turning Over a New Leaf Part One

Approximately 28 months after Brendan Shanahan stepped into his role as Maple Leafs President and Alternate Governor, we are seeing the puzzle come together piece by piece.  This upcoming season will usher in a new Leafs logo that takes the fans back to an era that Stanley Cups weren’t only dreamt of - but an... Continue Reading →

Let’s get talking Leafs Nation!

On October 12th our boys start what will be a year of intrigue and hope. So in conjunction with game one and exciting times ahead, I will post the first of a three part blog series called "Turning Over A New Leaf"  which will discuss where this franchise has been and where it will go in... Continue Reading →

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