Can Nick Robertson be the X-Factor the Maple Leafs Need To Move Forward?

We currently find ourselves starring down the barrel of a possible four month pause in the 2019/2020 NHL season. An unfinished chapter in this long book of the Leafs era. I cannot remember a season since maybe the Burke era that has had such a disappointing narrative surrounding the team. Unfortunately, my urge to talk... Continue Reading →

Maple Leafs: Trade Deadline Blueprint

As the February 25th NHL trade deadline nears, so too does the pressure on GM Kyle Dubas to round out the roster for what most people expect to be a long playoff run come spring for the Maple Leafs. This takes me to Howard Berger’s latest trade suggestion which would see the Maple Leafs trade... Continue Reading →

The case for keeping William Nylander

There are a lot of raw emotions and differing opinions on the current contract dispute between the Maple Leafs and William Nylander. During this difficult contract situation, there were some in Leafs Nation ready to cast Nylander aside. Trade him! Came the calls from all corners across social media. There is nothing like stats to... Continue Reading →

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