Toronto Maple Leafs: Opening Night Roster Predictions- Part 2

After going over my predictions for the Leafs forward lines on opening night in Part 1. Let's begin Part 2 of my predictions with my ideal pairs for the Leafs newlook defensive core. Defence Muzzin - BarrieRielly - CeciKivihalme/Sandin - Schmaltz/Liljegren With Dermott expected to miss all of October, the top 4 is pretty much... Continue Reading →


Deal or No Deal: Toronto Maple Leafs Edition

February is when the madness begins in cities across the NHL. This is no different in Toronto, where the Maple Leafs sit comfortably in a playoff position with 29 games to play. With the trade deadline now just around the corner, the crazy and often ludicrous trade rumours make their rounds across social media and... Continue Reading →

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